Young Lab Receives New Funding Support

The lab and graduate students have been named recipients of several new grants that will continue to fund new opportunities. 

June 11, 2020
Caroline Owens doing fieldwork in the Sierras. Credit: Michelle Lee
Caroline Owens doing fieldwork in the Sierras. Credit: Michelle Lee

New Young Lab Funding

Dr. Young is the co-PI on two new NSF grants.

The NSF FUERTE grant or the Field-based Undergraduate Engagement through Research, Teaching and Education grant - looks to create a program to facilitate the inclusion of the undergraduate Latinx community at UCSB in conservation and environmental sciences. As a lab we look forward to the opportunity and educational benefit for all of us through research work increasing the diversity of scientists in the ecology field.

The NSF REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) grant on - Effects of changing wildlife communities across climatic contexts on tick-borne disease in California. In collaboration with Dr. Andrea Swei of San Francisco State University we provide lab and fieldwork opportunities to undergraduate students whom receive career related experiences and close mentorship with graduate students.

New Graduate Student Funding

Young Lab PhD student Caroline Owens is the recipient of the Schmidt Fellowship and the Worster Fellowship to support her work on alpine lakes in the Eastern Sierras. Congratulations Caroline!

PhD candidate Elizabeth Forbes, PhD student Michelle Lee, and Master's student Ruby Harris-Gavin have all been recipients of Departmental block support for their research work. Congratulations!

The Young Lab group is appreciative and grateful for all the support it has received. These grants help us continue to do vital research activities that couldn't be done without this support. Thank you!