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Research in our lab lies at the intersection of community ecology, ecosystem ecology and conservation biology. Specifically we focus on understanding the effects of wildlife loss and human disturbance on community structure and ecosystem function. Recent work has focused particularly on effects of wildlife loss on human health and well-being. We work at both local and global scales, and use a range of observational, experimental, and meta-analytical approaches. Please look under the Locations tab to find more detail on our research locations. 


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Fall Quarter Meetings - Thursdays at 1:00pm, held online


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Recent Publications

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PhD candidate Ana Miller-ter Kuile is the first author on a paper in Biotropica from her work on the Palmyra Atoll. Other authors include graduate students Devyn Orr and Maggie Klope, former undergraduate researcher Carina Motta, and Dr. Young.
Both Devyn Orr and Dr. Young are contributing authors to the first paper published from the lab's ex-closure experiment TREE at the Tejon Ranch.
PhD candidate Devyn Orr co-authors a study on invasive plant species' alteration of habitat use for carnivores through its influence on mammal populations in the Santa Clara River Valley.
PhD candidate Elizabeth Forbes is the lead author in a piece published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution, proposing a strategy regarding species reintroductions; highlighting a specific example, the California grizzly.