We sometimes have paid opportunities to work in our lab (especially over the summer, check the positions link on the Join Us page). Lab work during the academic year is often volunteer although we can offer units of course credit for certain levels of independent work. We typically ask that undergraduates dedicate about 10 hours a week to work. This is our standard, but we strive to remain open and flexible to those with time constraints or to those whom would like to do more. 


In work of any capacity for our lab you will be paired with a graduate student, post-doctoral student, or staff member. We strive to make this relationship surrounding the lab work beneficial to both you and the lab member. As a lab we are eager to facilitate independent research done by undergraduates as individuals or in groups. In return for your contribution to our lab work, your lab mentor will work to provide insight and instruction to whatever goals or objectives you seek out in this experience. Our lab members (listed below) are currently seeking undergraduates for their work. Follow the related links on their page to get a summary of their research areas and projects. 


Please fill out the following form. This application essentially seeks to help you select a lab personnel you’d be most interested in working with as well as gives us a little bit of your background. We seek to attain a diverse and respectful community in our lab and while we value past experience, do not let a lack of or varying circumstances prevent you from applying.

Application Form